3 Situations That Warrant a Visit to the Emergency Dentist

Are you wondering what exactly warrants a visit to the emergency dentist and what can be left until your next regular checkup? As a general rule, if one of your teeth is badly damaged, you're in a lot of pain, or you're experiencing unexplained swelling, you need to be seen as soon as possible. Keep reading for details on why it's important not to ignore these issues. If in doubt, it never hurts to call your dentist for advice before making an appointment.

1. Tooth knocked out

Was one of your teeth knocked out of your mouth during an accident? Tooth loss is more common than you think, whether it happens while playing sports, as a result of a fall, or in a traffic collision. If possible, put your tooth back in place while you wait to see the dentist. This will maximise the chances that it can be safely reattached. If that's not working, put the tooth into a glass of milk, use a tooth preservation kit, or fill a small jar with your own saliva and store the tooth there. Fast action could prevent permanent and expensive damage to your smile.

2. Swollen gums or face

Are you experiencing swelling to your gums, jaw, or face, with no obvious explanation? This is a clear sign that something's wrong, and ignoring it will only cause the problem to get worse. Swelling could indicate an infection that needs treatment before it spreads to other areas of your body and becomes serious. It could also be a sign that something is stuck in your gums, which will require expert removal by a dentist. It's impossible to guess the cause of the swelling on your own, so don't delay in seeking treatment.

3. Severe tooth pain

Is one of your teeth causing you pain so bad that you can't sleep, relax, or concentrate? Rather than trying to mask it with painkillers, make an appointment with an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Excruciating tooth pain isn't normal, and the culprit could be an abscess, infection, cracked tooth, or serious medical condition. Getting help will reduce the amount of time you spend suffering and increase the chances of fast and successful treatment.

Many oral health problems are serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency dentist. Don't try to ignore issues, as they'll only get worse and require more costly and invasive treatment further down the line.