Less Obvious Benefits of Relining Loose Dentures

Dentures are just one of the many solutions to replacing lost teeth. Once installed, dentures restore your smile and help you enjoy your favourite meals — although not hard foods. Notably, you should go for denture relining immediately you feel the devices becoming loose. Denture relining restores comfort for most patients, prevents oral irritation and sore spots, improves oral hygiene and promotes proper chewing. However, these are just some of the most obvious benefits of relining loose dentures. This article highlights the lesser-known but equally important benefits of denture relining.

Avoid Embarrassing Situations — Improved self-confidence is perhaps one of the biggest positives of getting dentures. You get to mingle freely with your peers without worrying about awkward stares being thrown in your direction. However, as dentures start getting loose, they begin to move inside the mouth. Notably, the movements feel subtle at first, and it is easy to ignore them. However, as dentures loosen further, the chances of falling off the mouth significantly increase. Unfortunately, you don't know when and where loose dentures will pop out of the mouth. However, if they fall in a public place, the embarrassment can be overwhelming. For instance, your self-esteem will take a blow if your dentures fall off while eating with friends at the college cafeteria. You can avoid such situations by having your denture relined on time.

Maintain Facial Features and Structure — The teeth and jaw play a critical role in maintaining your facial structure. When you lose teeth, the muscles around the affected jaw begin to sag gradually since there is nothing to support them. Thus, getting dentures immediately after losing teeth helps maintain facial features and structure. However, as dentures begin to loosen over time, they offer little support to the facial muscles. Notably, you might not notice or feel the difference until you visit a denturist and remove the dentures. Therefore, relining dentures helps maintain the facial structure by preventing the onset of muscle sagging around the jaw.

Improves Denture Longevity — Typically, high-quality dentures last a long time with proper care, which is vital because these oral devices do not come cheap. However, if you do not go for denture relining in good time, the chances are high that the device will eventually break. When it happens, you need to get a new set of dentures, which can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Visiting a qualified denturist to reline loose dentures allows early identification and repair of wear and tear and minor damages such as cracks. Most importantly, it prolongs the service life of dentures and prevents the need for replacements.