Is Your Child Seeing The Dentist Enough?

It can be hard enough convincing yourself to go to the dentist, and children are a whole other beast. There are many reasons why it makes sense that a child might be scared of the dentist. Bright lights, interesting equipment and people in white coats can all be out of the comfort zone for most children; however, modern dentists are much more aware of this effect and endeavour to be more hospitable to kids. Just because your child might not want to go to the dentist does not mean you should encourage this behaviour, and there may be actual causes to take your kid to the dentist more often than you already do. 

Minor Bleeding From The Gums

If you catch the fact that your child is bleeding from their gums when they brush their teeth, then they may have an early case of gingivitis. Often this happens because they have not cleaned their teeth enough, so every once in a while, it can pay to watch them do it when they say they will. If the bleeding does not go away within a day or so, you should take them to a dentist to see if they need further treatment. Gingivitis can be a nasty problem that eats away at gums if not treated early on, so be on the lookout!

Teeth Development

There are certain milestones that you should hit to indicate normal development, and that is true of teeth as well as everything else in your body. Baby teeth and the development of adult teeth can be quite a sore and uncomfortable process for children, so during this developmental time, you should be visiting the dentist more frequently. Even if nothing is especially wrong or out of order, it is always a good idea to keep periods of intense change under the close supervision of an expert, just in case something should happen that needs to be acted on quickly.

Not Eating Properly

For younger children that are less able to communicate their problems sometimes, they show non-verbal indications that there is something wrong with their teeth. One instance of this is not eating as much as they would. If your child is acting strange and refusing to eat even their favourite foods, then a trip to the dentist might be in order, even if just to rule out the teeth as the problem here. In any case, your dentist will have some ideas on how to figure out what the problem is and can give you further referrals to more specialists if they can't figure out the problem. 

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