The Procedure You Should Follow to Get Your First Pair of Dentures

People lose their teeth as a result of conditions such as gum disease, trauma to the mouth and tooth decay. When this happens, dentists may design dentures to replace the missing teeth. Dentures are the prosthetic teeth that replace your natural teeth to help you chew food and restore your smile.

A professional prosthodontist can help you determine whether it is time to start wearing dentures. The specialist will also take the measurements inside your mouth, create moulds, and use them to make dentures for you. Here are simple guidelines that you can follow when going to get your first pair of dentures.

Dental Assessment

The first step in the process of acquiring dentures is choosing a prosthodontist that you can trust to examine you. You will need to book an appointment with the dentist and go for the first visit. They will check the condition of the existing teeth and any damages that have affected them. They might use imaging methods, such as X-Rays, to ensure that no unforeseen challenges come up when they move to the next step of the process.

Depending on your diagnosis, they will decide whether you need dental implants, dentures, or bridges. If they decide on dentures, they will start the process of making the denture during the first visit.

Creation and Fitting of the Dentures

After the first visit, the prosthodontist will take the impressions of your teeth to a laboratory. The expert will use the impressions to create dentures that perfectly fit into the teeth impressions.

The prosthodontist has to study the relationship between the upper and lower jaw before making the dentures because any mistake in the alignment could cause the patient a lot of unnecessary pain. To prevent this, they will make a temporary loose-fitting denture and a rim of wax to find the actual position of the teeth and the jaws.

Completing the Denture Installation

When the prosthodontist has fine-tuned the dentures to fit your mouth perfectly, they will use the wax to fine-tune the actual dentures. The dentures will resemble your teeth, but you will still have to wear them and see how well they fit in your mouth before the process is complete.

You might spend a few uncomfortable days after they have been fitted in your mouth, but they will eventually adjust. In case this doesn't happen, you can always see the professional for a readjustment.

The most critical part of the process is identifying a qualified and experienced prosthodontist for the proper diagnosis, denture design, and installation. For more information, reach out to a professional who provides denture services.