A Denture Adventure Abroad: 4 Precautions for Denture Wearers When Going on Holiday

Modern Australians are known for their wanderlust, jetting off to far-flung locations like Indonesia, Thailand and China. As a denture wearer, you face additional challenges when visiting other countries, especially non-English-speaking countries.

Being on the move in a foreign country with different customs, cuisines and languages requires you to be extra careful with your dentures. Should anything happen to your dentures—for example, if you misplace them—the rest of your holiday could be a real struggle. If you are planning on taking a vacation soon, ensure you take these four denture precautions.

Take a Spare Set of Dentures

If you don't currently have a spare set of dentures, now would be the ideal time to invest in a set. When you are on holiday, your daily routine of sightseeing and traveling means that you might not always remember to take the same precautions you would back home. Keep a spare set of dentures with you. If you lose your only set of dentures, your holiday could be in ruins.

Ensure Your Spare Dentures Fit

This may seem obvious, but if your spare dentures have been in storage for a long time, they may no longer fit comfortably. Before you jet off on holiday, take your spare dentures to your dentist to have them relined. This way, you can be sure that they will fit should you break or lose your primary set of dentures.

Take a Denture-Repair Kit

If you are spending your holiday in a remote location, such as a beach resort or mountain retreat for example, a denture-repair kit is essential. Holiday activities such as diving, rock climbing and even trying out new cuisines all pose a threat to your dentures. Ensure that you purchase one or two denture-repair kits before you leave. Patched-up dentures are better than no dentures.

Store Your Dentures With Care

At home, you can keep your dentures in a familiar place. Whilst on holiday, however, it can be very easy to misplace or forget about your primary or spare dentures when storing or taking them out. With your spare dentures, ensure that the denture box is watertight and that you don't mistakenly leave your luggage lying in the hot sun, for example. Extreme temperatures can warp dentures. That's the last thing you need whilst on holiday.

Denture care should be at the top of your list when traveling to a foreign, non-English-speaking country. That way your photos will be memorable for the right reasons and you'll be able to sample the local cuisines to your heart's content.