Could Your Discoloured Teeth Be a Sign of Something Else?

Many people are choosing to have their teeth whitened nowadays, as whiter teeth are often perceived as being more attractive. While off-white teeth are often caused by factors like diet and dental hygiene, there are sometimes other underlying causes that may not be immediately obvious. In some cases, there could be a medical condition that is causing the teeth to be discoloured.

If you've tried to keep your teeth white by taking care in what you eat and drink, and you always take excellent care in your brushing routine, take a look at these possible causes and see if any of them could apply to you.


If you're on any sort of medication, it may be worth looking into whether or not it could be the cause of discoloured teeth. There's quite a wide selection of drugs that can discolour teeth, from antihistamines and blood pressure medication to antipsychotics. If you're in any doubt, ask a doctor or pharmacist if your medicine could be the cause.

Damaged tooth enamel

The layer of tooth underneath the enamel is naturally a yellowish colour, and if the enamel is depleted then this shows through more. There are a number of reasons enamel can become damaged, such as not brushing enough or using poor technique, or sugary, acidic foods.


While fluoride is good for the teeth, too much can stain and discolour teeth. This is a particular risk in areas with heavily fluoridated water but can happen to anyone if their intake is high enough. If you believe this might be your problem, discuss your concerns with your dentist.


Chemotherapy can affect the cells in the mouth, which can be another cause of damaged enamel. If you're undergoing this treatment, it could well be what's to blame for your teeth becoming less white.

Coeliac disease

Even if you experience no other symptoms of coeliac disease, your teeth might indicate its presence. The disease can cause all sorts of problems and changes in tooth enamel, which commonly manifests as discolouration. Visit your doctor if you're concerned you may have coeliac disease.

Acid reflux

An uncomfortable problem that can keep you awake at night and make it difficult to eat certain foods, the excess acid can also damage your teeth. This can result in them becoming discoloured. If you have severe acid reflux, you may be eligible for medication to control the disorder, so check with a doctor.