The basics of a tooth extraction

While tooth extractions are a common procedure, they can cause patients to worry due to the pain involved. Tooth extraction is a necessary procedure for a variety of reasons such as to remove a broken, decayed or infected tooth. Tooth extraction process Before the tooth extraction process, a patient is injected with an anesthetic to numb the area. The anesthetic prevents pain and helps the patient sleep through the extraction. In some instances, the dentist may have to remove a tooth in pieces.

A Dental Shock Absorber: How Your Teeth Can Act As Shock Absorbers

Teeth may look simple from the outside, but inside they are anything but. Each tooth is equipped with the biological tools it needs to replenish and regenerate itself should the need arise. And, like the rest of the human body, which scientists recently discovered was covered with a network of shock absorbers, teeth also have their own shock absorbers. As a result, if you suffer a fall and bang a tooth, your tooth’s ability to absorb pressure will reduce the damage.

Tips for choosing the best whitening toothpaste

If you have yellow or stained teeth, you may be looking for toothpaste that can restore your smile. There are many toothpaste brands on the market that can gradually whiten your teeth. However, choosing the best one for you can be challenging. Toothpaste advertising is all over the place and you may feel overwhelmed when making a decision. To get you started on the right path, you should look out for certain key ingredients that every whitening toothpaste should contain.

How Can a Broken Tooth Be Reattached?

It shows the amazing state of contemporary medicine when doctors are able to reattach a limb that has been lost due to an accident. Did you know that an emergency dentist has the ability to reattach a tooth that has been knocked out? This is not something that can happen at a later date, and it’s critical that you get to the dentist immediately if the process is to have a chance of success.

Are There Any Side Effects to Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a very common cosmetic treatment to remove staining from the teeth and brighten up your smile. It is often done at home, either with whitening strips or trays containing a bleaching agent, which fit over your teeth. But are there any drawbacks to these techniques? Tooth Sensitivity One problem that many patients report is increased sensitivity in the teeth. Mostly people report increased sensitivity to temperature, when eating hot or cold food for example, or sensitivity to air when breathing through the mouth.

Creative Ways for Keeping Children Calm During Orthodontic Procedures

For an orthodontist, ensuring that a patient is calm is fundamental to achieving the desired results. However, it can be a challenge when dealing with kids considering that your office is a haven for needles and drills. Successful orthodontic procedures, therefore, depend on your ability to keep children calm before, during, and after treatment. Coming up with ingenious ways to tackle anxiety in young patients is critical. Read on to find out creative ways of keeping children calm during orthodontic procedures.

A Denture Adventure Abroad: 4 Precautions for Denture Wearers When Going on Holiday

Modern Australians are known for their wanderlust, jetting off to far-flung locations like Indonesia, Thailand and China. As a denture wearer, you face additional challenges when visiting other countries, especially non-English-speaking countries. Being on the move in a foreign country with different customs, cuisines and languages requires you to be extra careful with your dentures. Should anything happen to your dentures—for example, if you misplace them—the rest of your holiday could be a real struggle.

Understanding the Different Types of Braces

Orthodontics does not only serve to improve your smile. The dental procedure also promotes your oral health because keeping crooked or misaligned teeth clean can be quite difficult, which can increase the risk of tooth decay and even gum disease. Braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment. They come in different types and while your orthodontist will always recommend the best type based on your dental problem, knowing a thing or two about each type is worthwhile.

What to Do When Your Dental Veneers Are Damaged

Arguably one of the most remarkable things about many aspects of modern dentistry is that only you and your dentist will generally know that the work has been performed. All anyone else will see is a seamless blending of your natural teeth and the prosthetic teeth that have been fabricated and installed. And since it’s seamless, nobody should be able to tell that some of your teeth might have been fabricated especially for you.

Dentistry from the Heart: How to Identify a Dental Practice That Cares

Few, if any, people look forward to having dental work done. It can be painful, embarrassing and expensive. It’s no surprise then, that 7 million Australians delay dental treatment. Many people don’t seek out a dentist until driven to do so by pain or fear. Of course, by then it is too late to take preventative measures. If you are procrastinating about booking a dental appointment, it may well be because you are uncertain about the kind of experience you will have.

Malocclusions — What Do You Need To Know?

Orthodontic treatment primarily focusses on remedying malocclusions. However, not many people may be aware of what this term means. The word malocclusion refers to any form of misalignment that your teeth may develop. And there are several reasons why you could be affected by this dental problem. For a good number of people, malocclusions are due to their genetics. However, you could also develop this condition steadily over a period of time because of negligent oral care or perhaps due to trauma to your mouth.

Ways to Relieve Dental Pain While Waiting for an Emergency Dental Appointment

Severe dental pain can be unbearable and far from convenient in today’s busy world. While getting to an emergency dentist is the best thing you can do to treat and relieve dental pain, there are ways to provide short-term pain relief as you wait for your appointment. Vanilla, peppermint, lemon or almond extract Although commonly used as tasty ingredients to flavour your foods, these extracts do wonders for numbing tooth and mouth pain.

Nailing the Problem of Plaque: Why Removing Plaque With Your Fingernails Is Unhealthy

Plaque, the thin bio-film on your teeth, contains millions of bacteria. If not removed each morning and night, that army of bacterial organisms will contribute to gum disease and tooth decay. Within around 12 days, plaque hardens into tartar and becomes almost impossible to remove on your own. However, using your nails to remove plaque can do more harm than good. Yes, your teeth are better off without plaque, but using your nails instead of a toothbrush will create problems that only a dentist can solve.