Understanding Your Options for Dental Treatments and Procedures

Today's family dentists and cosmetic dentists can offer you several treatments and procedures that are fast, painless, and affordable, and which can keep your teeth healthy, as well as looking their best. If you're wondering if there is a solution for your dental concerns, note a few options you might discuss with your dentist at your next dental appointment.

Severe cavities and holes

Don't assume that filling cavities means having to suffer through shots, drilling the tooth, and fillings. A dental crown or cap can actually be put over the tooth; this covers the tooth completely, so that a cavity shouldn't get any worse. A cap or crown also protects the tooth from cracking and other damage that often happens after a cavity forms. If there are holes on the front of the teeth, these can also be covered with a cap or crown, or with a veneer, which is a thin layer glued to the front of the tooth. This protects the tooth and keeps that damage from getting worse.


When several teeth have severe gaps, you may want to consider orthodontics, in order to move those teeth into position. This will ensure they're providing proper support to the upper and lower areas of the jaw.

However, if you simply have a gap between your two front teeth, caps or crowns can cover both teeth and close in that gap. A cosmetic dentist can also typically add bonding, which is like a putty that dries and hardens to the side of each tooth. If your dentist still suggests orthodontics rather than a cosmetic fix for a gap in the teeth, note that you can have partial braces fitted; these will be installed over just the front teeth, nudging them into position.

Discoloured teeth

Teeth can sometimes become greyish because they're weak and have internal cavities; in these cases, it may be good to cover them with caps or crowns, to keep them protected from potential damage. However, if teeth are discoloured due to age, smoking, and the like, and if they're discoloured differently, your dentist can usually paint them.

With painting, you don't need to worry about whether or not bleach will whiten the teeth and won't have mismatched colouring. The paint may also protect the teeth from decay and potential holes, and may not discolour from smoking, coffee, wine, and aging, as do your real teeth. With tooth painting, your teeth will always be strong and bright white.