Held Back by Yellow Teeth: How Teeth Whitening Can Restore Your Confidence in Your Smile

Nowadays, whenever you turn on the TV you're treated to an array of gleaming white smiles, each of which appears as though it was carved from ivory just the day before. If your own teeth are a few shades darker, it can be disheartening to see so many perfect smiles on display. However, it is normal for teeth to become discoloured over time, especially if you enjoy staining foods such as blueberries, coffee and pasta sauce.

Whether you are an A-lister, a college student, or an entrepreneur, your teeth won't remain white forever—at least, not unless you are extremely lucky. The problem with this is that unless you do something about it—as the celebrities do—your confidence will suffer.

Yellow Teeth Affect Your Relationships

Fifty percent of Americans notice a person's smile before anything else, according to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP). If people keep staring at your yellow-hued teeth while you are having a conversation, you may eventually develop ways of concealing them, such as by covering your mouth with a hand.

Obviously, this is impractical as your ability to communicate effectively will suffer as a result. Don't hide your teeth away. Instead, explore the available teeth whitening options available to you.

In-Office Whitening

This is the fastest and most effective in the short term; however, it is also the most expensive option. The whole procedure takes around 45 minutes and combines LED technology with peroxide. You will also be given take-home trays so you can continue the whitening process over the following weeks. This method can whiten teeth up to eight shades lighter.

Whitening Strips

These strips are very effective at whitening teeth; however, the downside is that each strip can only be used to whiten the first 6-8 teeth in the smile zone. Your back molars cannot be whitened this way. In addition, unlike in office whitening, the spaces between your teeth also cannot be reached by whitening strips. That said, they are a very popular and effective whitening treatment.

Over the Counter Whitening Trays

While these are cheaper than in-office whitening treatments, they are not one size fits all. That means that as you use them it is possible to splash the peroxide gel onto your gums, irritating them and causing gum recession. You must also be disciplined as too little time spent whitening your teeth this way will produce little to no results. Likewise, too much time will harm your teeth and gums.

If whitening is new to you, in-office whitening is probably the way to go. Not only does this guarantee that you will receive professional and safe treatment, but it also means your results will be more predictable.